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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello My Name is Amy....I am a blogaholic.

Check out this cool doodle I saw on D'Etta's blog. For more check out Rick's Doodles.

Ok, you want to know how bad I am? I have been home for 4 days this week with a sick Joseph. Took him to the doctor today. Swabbed nose for Flu, swabbed throat for Strep, pricked finger for blood to test for Mono. Negative, Negative, Negative. He does seem to be feeling alot better this evening and hasn't taken a 2 hour nap. So on the mend.

Ok, I am driving between basketball practices and start coughing. My throat feels a little sore and I realize too that I haven't been able to warm up all day long. Now I'm in Texas where the temp today I believe got up to the low 60's. Very nice day. I'm freezing.

So I note that I might be coming down with something. Do I think "I must have caught Joseph' bug." Nope. Not me Amy Blogaholic. I think "Oh gosh. I might have caught Therese's illness." Now for those who don't know Therese. She lives in Wisconsin, is that right Therese, well somewhere very north from me in very cold weather. I have only met and conversed with Therese through the blog world. And yep, I thought I had caught her cold. When I arrived at Audrey's b-ball practice I told two other moms my 'diagnosis'. I was afraid I was going to have to find oxygen for Paula she was laughing so hard.

Seriously, I think that friends and family are getting a bit worried about me and my blog addiction. I was talking to a friend and going on about someone, oh Kim and her fight with pneumonia (Quick prayer request. Please pray for Kim that she will soon have victory over this. Her right lung is now clear but the left is now messed up. Her mom has come to help her.) My other friend thinks I'm talking about a Kim here that we both know. Then I told her about how Kim doesn't need this because she's trying to get the house sold and Leo isn't there etc...... Needless to say that Friend is looking at me like I'm a wacko. I don't notice because my friends look at me like that all the time anyway. But, I do get across to her that Kim is my blog friend that I met through Nikki's blog when Nikki was in China getting her new baby. At that point I think I was tuned out.

Yes, I type the way I talk.

Well, before I went to bed or off to put away yarn. OH!! That reminds me. I have gone through and organized my yarn, again. I only have my Scrapbook supplies and jewelry box to go through and my room will be finished! Yee Haw! Then its back to the boy's room where they have taken on a destruction mentality, again. They are not happy about having to work in there this weekend.

Ok. I'm off to other things. Have a great weekend. And please, wash your hands before typing a comment to me. I am apparently susceptible to illnesses via cyber world!


Therese said...

Oh my gosh! You sound like me, Amy! I am laughing right now-thank you! I needed it!

Corinne said...

That's so funny, now which one of you out there got my baby sick???


And, did you actually say Yee-haw??

Nikki said...

That is just too funny. It is even more funny because I do it all the time. Dh is always asking me who I am talking about. I tell him a blog friend. You even have a special title now :)

Blog friends are wonderful, and I am glad to count you among them!

Hope you are all on the mend soon, and keep that sickness to yourself!

Kim H. said...

That is the funniest post EVER! Yes, may be we've all gotten you sick - although we (and I'm speaking for the group) didn't mean to. :)

And I talk about all my bloggy friends like EVERYONE knows who I'm talking about. I think now they're finally getting who I'm talking about.

Thanks for the hugs and prayers!

Herd Momma said...

Thank you Bloggies. Love you all too!
I don't think I'm getting sick after all. Just pooped.

Corinne - I'm from Texas. Ofcourse I said Yee-haw :)
Well, maybe I didn't say it out loud. But I did think it.