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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What would they do....

..if Mom had a 'real' job? They would suffer. Oh, how they would suffer.
Joseph is home for the third time this week. Yesterday he was very wimpy after school. Had a low fever. Fell asleep for 2 hours, then still crashed at 8:45. Sure hope the Rx kicks in.
Audrey called and her story she has been working on at school was left on her bed, folded up in her sheets.
And I can't count the number of times I have run back to school with lunchboxes. I know they should just eat the lunch room food. But, I know they won't then get hungry, then cranky, then in trouble.
So when Tom says I should look for a 'real' job I just laugh! Honey it don't get any more real than this!


Kim H. said...

Oh, but the benefits...don't even get me started about the benefit package! :)

Herd Momma said...

I will agree. The benefits are amazing.