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Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First Husband

aaaaa....I have your attention, don't I?
Kind of like the time I was being a goof ball at a wedding. And when I bounced away from my Daddy he remarked "That's Rose's daughter." And the guy he was talking to thought Mom had been married before. I think Daddy finally fessed up and told the guy Mom has only been married once, to him, and I am his daughter.

Well I have only been married once, to my beloved, Tom.
However, I refer to JJ's husband, Brian, as my first husband.
Bless his heart he dated JJ in high school. Thus, I went with them alot too.
He pretty much knew that when he married her, he married me too. I was a single college girl so when I needed things I often called them. We alway baked at JJ's house.
Today I was reminded of the sweetness of my First Husband when I called over there with a scathingly brilliant idea. I had all 4 kids today while Tom finished up some work in the storeroom. gotta get out today.
I decided to borrow Brian & JJ's portable DVD players for the boys to watch while I helped with the GS cookie booth. We were in the Blockbuster parking lot so it worked out great. Did Brian just put the unit in the truck for me. Yes, he did, and he hooked it up too!

And Tom knows this second part too so don't worry.
But one of the sweetest birthday presents I never got came from Brian. We couples had been out for an evening and were at a local restaurant. In the bar there is a nice fireplace. We were sipping Brandy Alexanders and listening to a guy play the guitar and sing. The guy sang Puff the Magic Dragon, my all time favorite. Brian knew the guy from where Brian works. Brian was going to have the guy come sing me Puff for my birthday. pause for aaawwwwwing.........
It never really worked out, I don't remember why now, but I thought that was such a nice thing to think to do.
This also reminds me of two years ago when Brian was the manager or the t-ball team his son and William were on. Tom was the Coach/assistant. Tom was out of town, Brian had picked William up and taken him to practice. I came later with the twins and Audrey. Brian had his older son and the one on the team and William with him. When I get to practice I was talking to another Mother (who I learned in conversation thought I was JJ). She sees the 3 I bring with me and the 3 Brian had brought with him. We are talking to all our kids like they are our own. The lady ask me "Are they all yours." I proceed to tell her those are his these are mine ...... Something else came up and I realized she thought I was Brian's wife. "Oh, No. I'm Tom's wife. He's not here tonight because he is out of town. JJ is Brian's wife and the mother of those boys." Not sure the lady got it all figured out then but, it was fun looking at her confused face.
So here's to the men in our lives who have come to realize. You marry the girl you marry the friends! Tom realized early on as well, Love me......Love JJ!

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Mythreesons said...

Yes, it's true. Marry us, marry our best friends. Every once in a while you can even use your BFF to "take the heat" from your husband when you have decided to paint the hallway without first OK'ing it with your husbad! Have you told that story. I will never in my life forget the look on Tom's face!!!! It was priceless! And I think I did a very great "who me" "I'm innocent" impression!