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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Busy Week Ahead

Valentine's Day is this Saturday. Are you ready?
Around here we really have never been all hyped up about Valentine's Day. As a young adult I use to dread the day. Even after I met Tom we never got all gung ho and went all out on the day. Cheap flowers as a just because always said more than an expensive bouquet on V-Day.
Anyway, the kids plan to take flowers to their teachers and various staff, on Thursday. They worked on their cards today. James amazed me. It usually takes an act of congress to get him to write his name. I figured he'd write James on one or two and leave me with the rest. He didn't! He sat down and wrote his classmates name and his name on alllll his cards! I think that by having several different types of cards for them to choose from it made it more fun for them. Not all kids fit a SpongeBob or Kitty Valentine.
I am subbing in the Kindergarten Room M-W this week. I am covering for Lisa in the library first thing in the morning so I have to be ready for the day at 7:30a when I take the kids to school because I won't be back home til 1:30. This is major for me. I'm use to coming home and having an hour before subbing. And It's a Monday!
So, I am off to see what is being served for lunch tomorrow. Joseph is a given but, I need to know how many other lunches I will need to make.
I will have to keep my lunch small because tomorrow night I weigh in again. I am so hoping to hit goal tomorrow night. Based on the bathroom scale it's not looking so good.
If there is a patron saint for weight loss please pray to her for me. If there is I know Corinne, Aussie Therese, Marilena, you'll know who it is.
Take care all. Avoid illness. And if you have snow. PLEASE send the moisture this way. We are literally blowing away down here.


Aussie Therese said...

many prayers for your weight loss. I have no idea who is the patron for it though. Steve and I have just started cutting back the amount we eat. We eat pretty well but really overdo it on the portion size.

Mythreesons said...

AWWWWWWWW the best laid plans of a weekend Mom looking at her week ahead. Too bad they NEVER go that way. Hope everyone has stopped Urping at your house. We missed you at school!