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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Golly Molly

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. Must be a record. I was fairly busy over the week. Monday I substituted at the preschool and will continue to do so on Mon & Wed til end of May. Tuesday I spent with Mom. She had follow up appointment for her cataract surgery on Monday. She did real well. She will have surgery on the left eye tomorrow. Wednesday I helped Gregg with spring photos at the preschool. Too much fun. I was super sore the next day though. Thursday was Bible Study and I was so very excited to see my friend Bill. Bill has been AWOL for awhile due to cancer. It was discovered he has prostrate cancer. What's worse, can there be such a thing, he also has bladder cancer. He will undergo extensive surgery on Wednesday (Ok, Bill - am I the only one who finds it slightly ironic that You - Bill - will have surgery on April 1st!?) I so enjoyed hugging your neck and seeing you. He looks so amazing everybody. Celeste, his wife, is doing well too. Bill's surgery is in Dallas. He is expected to be released on Good Friday. Bill and Celeste have daughters in Dallas. This information is amazing to me. Because here in Texas we can go to Dallas, Houston, Killeen, San Antonio, sometimes Austin to get the extended/extra care we need. Reagan needs a heart transplant. She has to go to Houston. They have amazing cousins there who open their home and assist in so many way. Bill needs surgery in Dallas. He has wonderful children who live there and can help. Oh - That reminds me. The husband of a dear friend is also in need of some amazing healing prayer. Chad needs a liver and kidney transplant. They will travel to Dallas the first part of next week (the 6th and 7th I believe) to get the proceedings going on that. And guess what, Heidi's brother lives there. Matt and his family are opening their home and help to Heidi and Chad. We must look for blessings everywhere.
My little Sunday prayer request is or my Mom's surgery tomorrow to be as a big a success as her last one. For the doctors and staff taking care of my friends Bill and Celeste. Bless Bill during his surgery and bring him back to us as full of life as ever. And for Heidi and Chad. I pray that their road to a stronger Chad is short and successful.
One more.....For my 'kids' of the Stations. Wednesday night's practice wasn't so great. The two other adults helping me, the director of our education program and myself sat back and watched the kids. They did great. The church didn't cooperate. I will have to send some pictures so you my friends in far off places can see. It was realized that things just weren't working out for us. Ok I just deleted several sentences trying to explain but,when I didn't even understand it I remembered that you guys don't need all the why. I simply ask that you pray for their continued growth in faith. For them to know that the cancellation in no way is a result of them or their performance. I am feeling like a real looser and have been playing it over and over. I keep thinking I should have fought harder but, just didn't know how I would fix it in 10 days/2 practices and no Mary, no Jesus, and no Pilate/Simon (one boy-2 roles) at my Sunday practice. They are great and active kids. They are excited and have a strong desire to get this together for next year. I love them all and am excited that they want to continue to do things with me.
Well my real kids are starting to push each others buttons.
Thanks for continuing to check in.

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Mythreesons said...

So sorry they are not going to let you guys do the stations. I know how hard you have worked and how much prayer has gone into it. Keep your head up because I know you did all you could have done to make it work and God is honored with that effort. Even if it didn't go the way it was suppose to the kids learned more Him and that's what it is all about! Love ya!