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Monday, March 23, 2009


Lunch Boxes, Backpacks, shoes, kids, shower heads, grocery list, I NEED COFFEE, brush teeth, comb hair, (oops missed one), waffles, burned oatmeal, and My Nose Whistles!
Spring Break is over and I was not prepared for the Monday after. But, we got it together and all made it to school in time. Tom installed a new shower head yesterday and I wasn't too happy with it at 5:45am. My nose has been crunchy, stuffy, and it whistles! Only consolation is it drives Tom nuts too! I am finally able to get back at him for his snoring! He says it sounds like a freight train whistle coming through at night. I'm trying to keep vaseline in it to soften it up.
Today is week 5 weigh in for being on target for Lifetime Member at WW. Shouldn't be too bad this week. I've tried to be good. Thanks De'Etta for the pump me up.
Gotta run. Today I start subbing at the preschool as the floater on Mondays and Wednesday til the end of school.
Have a great day!

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