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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free to be Me

Hey! Check out the playlist on the side. I have been hearing Free to be Me alot lately. Yesterday I had coffee with my friend Freddy. Gosh I've missed talking with him. Freddy is a DWB (Deacon Wanna' Be. :) ) He and another man from our parish are in the deaconate (sure it's misspelled) program. Whoa...there is alot for them to do. They are both amazing men and will be awesome deacons. Anyway, I am still carrying guilt and disappointment over the cancellation of the Stations Drama. I look back and wonder "What just happened?" Freddy is a great confidant and spiritual support. I have my drama kids and others keeping their eyes open and their minds wide for ideas. I also have some other ideas in the making. We have to take our knocks but, get back up and keep on going, right?
My day at school yesterday was fun and full. The teachers are learning that I am available to help and are taking full advantage. It can be difficult to help 3 kids with glue and glitter while watching 8 others in centers, settling arguments, putting clothes on baby dolls, etc..... The little kids are great and sure give me that baby fix I need.
I am trying to figure out how to handle this work a few days, do my wifey/mommy things the other days. So far, I flunk. I'd better get to it. Hope to have some wonderful bloggy stuff later.
Love ya'!

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Therese said...

My Dad was a deacon. e celebrated his 25th anniversary as one just before he is a huge program!!!