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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Button Down the Hatches!

There's a storm a brewing!!!
There really is a storm in the area and hopefully we will get some rain. But, if it starts to snow I won't be surprised. Are you ready for this???...............
Today I was running a bit late picking up kids. William's teacher was out front with the kids. Now she gets rid of her kids at 2:45 and here it was nearly 10 after 3:00. (Audrey gets out at 3:00 and gets the boys from waiting room and meets me out front.). When a teacher meets you outside it is usually serious. She wanted to tell me personally that William.......Ate......VEGETABLES!!!! Potatoes, carrots, green beans, Snap Peas (He was proud of this), and .....wait for it..........Turnips! Not kidding? The teacher told me! They made a vegetable stew and all the kids tried things. William is the kid that has literally gagged at eating 1/2 a green bean. He bit off the tip of a crunchy carrot the other day and got the shivers. (it was hysterical!) So if it comes a gully washer and it starts to snow I won't be surprised. Tomorrow is the big field trip to our favoritest place on earth H-E-B grocery store!!!

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