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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Great!

I am doing great. My family is great. Well most of us. Tom is a bit over stressed but, doing ok.
T-ball is going well. The twins are really taking to it this year. Tonight I didn't take pictures or video. I enjoyed the game. Oh My Gosh. They are all so very funny!
I worked Monday and Wednesday at the preschool and had a blast. Monday I subbed in a teachers room, 3 going on 4 year olds. Yesterday while 'floating' (aiding in different rooms) I got in conversation with the teacher of the 2 year olds (my favorites). She needed to get a personalized photo calendar ASAP. The local places were really backed up. Anyway, my body became possesed by some crazy women who volunteered to make the calendar on Shutterfly. I worked last night and this morning. It is ordered and fingers are crossed it is here by next Thursday for the big auction.
Audrey is doing well in ballet and all of us, mothers, her teachers and the big girls even commented on how much improvement they have seen in her. I was noticing Tuesday that she really seems to have a grasp of the moves and doesn't have to watch the others to follow along. AND she was in time with Megan, big girl! The performances are next Saturday the 25th.

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