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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Play Date!

Here are some pictures of my playdates with JJ. I went back out on Thursday. I had and at times still have misgivings on the color in the bedroom. They had a yellow that turned out to be big bird yellow on the bathroom wall. They took it back and had some orange and blue added. They ended up with a color I called poop green. I told JJ I had a strong desire to change a diaper. But, once on the wall it was better. And once the whole room was covered I liked it even better. She has a print she purchased at a garage sale. She got an $80 Kirkland print for $5.00! I want her to hang it in the room. She wants to hang it in the dining area. She's pulling some sort of 'It's my house, I'll hang it where I want.' thing on me. We'll see....... I'm on the hunt to find a print with similar colors. It just looked so very perfect in there.
We then worked on the entry. We had bought a gallon of suede paint. Supposedly that is all you need to get the effect. Verdict still out. She trusted me to do the rolling. Special way. Wait 4 hours and then go back with the brush, yada, yada, yada, we didn't get that far. We got it on the wall then had to leave to pick up kids and head to various activities. We left our roller, brushes, and pans with Brian. He loves us!
What's not to Love!!?!
This is the poop green bedroom. But see the picture on the floor? It's perfect. And the actual color is a bit darker than what you see here. It really is nice and fits in great with the Tuscan Home theme.
This is the UT orange color. It was tough for me the Texas Tech Red Raider to pull off. But as long as I thought of it as Tuscan Terra Cotta I was able to accomplish the goal. Here is the living/dining/kitchen area. Like the stove in the living room? The color is a nice tan.
This is the space under the sea room. Two boys with various ideas. Mom is making it work. Note to self. Don't ask what do you want. instead try How about this or that.Well there is a big garage sale across the alley from us and Audrey is hover to be taken. We will then go check out a couple of others in the area. We didn't make it to D'Etta's big sale last week. To read on her experience go to her blog Choosing Joy . It's funny to read about her first sale in West Texas. We have what I call flashlight junkies. They show up at 6am for an advertised 7:30a sale. They will hover at the end of the drive with their flashlights and are like 2 year olds "Can we come yet?" "Can we come yet?" And if you advertise your Saturday sale on Friday they will come by on Friday to get a 'jump' on the good stuff. THEN Haggle you on the price!
Ok. Well she is starting to talk trash about me to the cat. Better run.
We're off!


Mythreesons said...

OK the entry is finished. Sorry I got bored with trim and couldn't stand it any longer. I guess it turned out the way it was suppose too HOWEVER, I'm not too sure it's what I wanted. It's really so lightly done that you can't really tell there is something special about it. I have a STRONG desire to add another color to the wall on the top and blend it in by bagging it. What do you think? Come out and we will play around with it maybe. And BTW it's not POOP GREEN! It's alvacado! It's growing on me really. I think I'll like it alot. Especially when we get a piece of wood and some fabric and make a head board to put on the wall!!!!! Can you say SUMMER FUN???????

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Random question - what IS that brown blob behind your son in the header photo? It looks like a brown Alaskan bear...but that's impossible down here. LOL

WOW you've been busy. I love all the colors you chose. I am dreaming of living in a home where I can paint whatever color I want and not have to return it to white in 3 years......

Still laughing about the garage sale. WOW y'all do garage sales down here in a serious way. I will NEVER advertise a sale for two days again. ::snort:: I have since been told our one early bird has been thrown out of estate sales by those who run them.....and I see our canoes and tables at the junk shop in town. ::snort:: BUT we made money.....folks here love their garage sales.

Herd Momma said...

De'Etta that's typical about your stuff in the junk shop. Happens all the time. It took me 3 or 4 sales to get smart on that one.

And...It's a Cow! We took the kids to Daddy's pasture on Easter Sunday. As you can see too Audrey wasn't in a very good picture taking mood.