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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweet Lynda

Hi all.

Thursday evening after school my kids made tissue paper flowers and cards for Lynda. Audrey had ballet and the twins had t-ball. The game was a hoot. I didn't take pictures or mess with the video camera. The wind was blowing pretty good and it was cool. I just enjoyed the game.

Friday William's class took a field trip to HEB. Too cute. I ate lunch at school with the kids then took off for the hospital. Lynda is in the halo thingy. She has 4 fractures on her pelvis, 4 on her lower back and her C2. The doctor says the halo will fix it. She doesn't need surgery. Yeah! Halo for 3 months. She will begin rehab toward the end of next week. Because of the fractures on both sides of her pelvis and lower back it is scary.

The kids wanted to see her so Saturday morning we took them up. I went up with the twins first for about 10 minutes then Tom followed with the older two. It all worked perfect. No one was in the room when we went in. We had Lynda all to ourselves. She had just had a bath and was pretty worn out. But, she enjoyed seeing them and they liked being there to check on her. Things got a bit busier when A&W where there. When we left we got to meet Lynda's mother. Susan had brought her over. We sat outside with her while Susan parked the car. Yes, I said Lynda's mother. Lynda is 70, her mother is 88. They have 5 generations alive in their family. And her mother is hoot! Sharp as a tack, just like Lynda.

Audrey spent the rest of the day and night with Tim, Beth and Katelyn. I meet Gregg to help take pictures at a Daddy Daughter dance. Then it was home to grab my date and head out dancing. We broke in a new babysitter. Ashley is awesome. She is one of my kids from the Stations drama. She is going to teach me textology. I think she has found this to be a fun challenge to see what I come up with. She even teased that she might just make some up to see what I do. I learned LYL. Love ya' lots.

Tom and I tried out a new bar downtown on the river. It is a tapas bar. Basically drinks and small appetizers. It was nice. There was a jazz type band playing out on the patio. We hung out for a little while but, I sure wanted to dance. So when I came back from the bathroom where I ran into a herd of 20somethings checking their makeup, pumping up their boobs, adjusting their short skirts and double strapping their high heels I told Tom I was ready to head out and find my people. We go to a dance club by a motel called The Coachman Club. The majority of patrons are senior citizens. There is always this one group their we have fun watching. Several of them were MIA last night though. But we had fun.

I'm off for now. About time to get ready for church.
LYL :)

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Kim H. said...

Oh Amy, poor Lynda -- what a trooper. You just keep telling her people all over and praying for her -- even though we don't know her, tell her she's got warriors out here rooting for her. God love her!

Sounds like you've been busy. You make me tired reading your posts. :) Can't wait to see pictures of the Daddy Daughter Dance -- you are posting some, right?

And t-ball -- post some of those -- those are always the best!

Off to bed!