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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I loved my weekend. Sunday was a nice eat out after church, hang out day. Monday kids were out for bad weather day. We drove out to JJ's house to check things out. WOW it is really coming together. She is doing an awesome job. We moved pictures from one area to another then another then back to the original. Too fun. She is being very good and not putting any holes in the walls til furniture is in and she can make sound decisions.
Monday evening was t-ball game. Tuesday-I worked on the slide show for the girl scout end of year party, grocery shopped, met lawn guy, bug sprayer guy shows up 5 minutes before we are to walk out door to drive 40 minutes to Eldorado where the son of Tom's brother was to receive his Confirmation. Tom was very honored to be Ward's sponsor. We enjoyed a nice evening in the small community with family.
Wednesday was water day at the preschool. Whew! I worked my hinny off. It was a fun day playing with some of my favorite kiddos. Girl Scout end of year event was at 5:30. Today I was a school to follow the bus for the kindergarten field trip. Too fun. We drove about 20 minutes to a sheep ranch. The kids got to see all the gizmos needed to keep sheep healthy, clipped, marked, tagged, etc..... Then, this was great, the rancher divided the group in two. They got to sit on the tractor, watch the collie dog, Queen, herd sheep. THEN, the kids were the sheep. She weighed them, herded them (she being the rancher not the dog. ::snort::) and ran them through the shoot where they are doctored. Nothing like 25 baaing 6 year olds! Tonight was t-ball, end of year ballet performance awards, and an Upper Case Living party at Margie's house. Sent Tom off with boys to the game with my blessing. Took Audrey to ballet, then ran by Margie's house to order a ton of stuff, eat some yummy food, book a party then run back to ballet just in time to watch the girls dance after warming up. My emotions are running so high right now with anxiety, stress, anticipation, etc... The big girls dance to a song and the whole thing is called Prayer. AW. it gets me every single time. I'm watching my little girl dance, then the big girls I've watched and come to love, then they dance this amazing graceful, emotional dance. Boom! I'm bawling like a baby.
Tomorrow is field trip, meet Gregg to discuss pictures we're taking at a wedding on Saturday, then pick up kids at school and come home to veg all evening. Saturday we will go to a Kindergarten party for James' class. It's near a lake so we can fish, play, who knows what all. Then get home, clean up and be at the church by 4:15p. It's a good thing the church is with in spitting distance of my house. Yep. That's how some of us Texan's measure things - spittin' distance. Sunday- VEG.....oh and Hershey starts his classes at 3pm. Monday- VEG......Tuesday-I know there are several things- OH-last t-ball game at 6pm, team party to follow. Then Wednesday - are you ready? Inhale....and...GO 8:20a PTO meeting at school to discuss my role on next years board and view possible fundraiser ideas. 1:00p-Audrey goes to swimming pool for AR party, I'll have to be sure she gets out of house with all her needs for that. 1:00p-William splash party for AR goal achievers-again make sure he gets out door with all he needs for that. 1:30p - Kindergarten graduation-note to self; don't wear mascara, sure to be a tear jerker for emotional me. 4pm-haircut Audrey. 6pm-Relay for Life team meeting, 7pm-BibleFest meeting. Home---Breathe.......
Thursday - 1:15 Audrey class Texas play. again-no mascara. 1:30 - slideshow of year in First Grade -William. Still working on that whole being in two places thing.
Friday - Kids out of school at 1:30. Cousin graduation that evening in Coleman(about an hour 15 minute drive) with family get together at the house afterwards. Big Graduation for the family. Last grandkid on Daddy's side of the family. We stretch from the oldest who is about 46 to Reece who is 18. Reece's mom, Lorene, is my Daddy's baby sister and my Godmother and a very dear aunt to me. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had surgery 4 days before my wedding. She attended my wedding. She has been cancer free and we thank God for that. She has 4 boys who I adore. Her 3rd and my special baby(shhhhh don't let him know I said that.) because he was the little when I was at that right age of wanting to cart a baby around at all the family functions. He graduated from A&M 2 maybe 3 years ago. I don't hold it against him. His Daddy is an Aggie too and I like him. Anyway, Randall, the 3rd boy, is at MIT.
Ok getting all sappy eyed emotional again. But I attended the graduation of the other 3 boys and now it is time to graduate Reece and it is just well, wwwhhhhaaaaa.........
See, Therese, am I suffering from your prego emotions? You are busy having weird food issues so I guess I am taking some of the emotional stuff.
Ok, then Saturday.......LET SUMMER BEGIN!!!!!
I am getting so perinoid of missing something that today while sitting in my truck at school waiting to leave I look up and see a fellow first grade mom walking up. As she passes my truck window I yell out to her "Christine! What are you doing here?" I'm worried there is something in William's class I forgot about. I thought her daughter was already in middle school. She replies "Hannah has a thing this morning." "Oh, Ok, you can go." She's a single hardworking Mom, she understands my nutsyness this time year.
The first week of June will be BibleFest every evening at church 6p-9:30p. I can't wait. The adults will be studying St. Paul. I am the faith sharer for Tuesday night. I should probably be working on that but, feel the need to share my emotions with you all instead.
Ok. I'm off to enjoy some time with the hubby before he drifts off to sleep on me.
Love you guys. Thank you for letting me vomit my life with you. The last two weeks of May are crazy! Not to mention the graduation gifts, wedding gifts, trophies, new contacts, groceries that have to be picked up. The daily demanding of $2.00 for pizza party money from the kids. Preparing sack lunches for the twins daily field trips, and let's don't forget the laundry. OH Kim, I owe you a picture. Shoot. I'll get it next time.
Ok. Bye. Good Night. I LOVE YOU ALL!
Hey Freddy! You there? Can I send you my faith share thingy when I get it together for you to critic?

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Kim H. said...

I can't stand how you feel you are fleeced for cash ALL MONTH LONG for school stuff! Ugh!