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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ever happened to you.......

Ok. if you read the post below this one then you will understand this comment.
After last night I vowed I would NOT get on the computer to check blogs, post, etc... til after school. I'm driving to school thinking of what I need to accomplish today. I really don't think I can make bible study, but I'm going anyway. We'll soon be braking for the summer and I have to see my people. Ok, so go home, get your shower, clean up the kitchen, do what has to be done to tidy the living room. Go to bible study. come home, do something about all the clothes piled up in the bedroom, work on stuff to take to SIL garage sale. (oh, SIL that's sister-in-law, for you known texting, blog shorthand virgins.) Take short nap. With hubby gone I don't go to bed til midnight or later, just can't seem to get to sleep. Not good when there is a newborn in the house. 30 minutes into sleep Audrey comes with puppy....He's whining again. Then up again at 4:30a, then time for school and up at 6:15. augh.....
Ok, so vow to not get on computer. Go straight home and get in shower.
Ok, remember the post in the Fall/Winter about taking my kids to school in my pjs? If I was a blog expert I'd be able to link you back to that post but, I'm still fairly clueless on that, on the whole you might also be interested in........stuff people are adding to the end of their post, and I never label. So if you remember great, if not it's really no big deal or you can surf through the archives. Ok, so I had taken the kids to school with no intention of getting out in my flannel long bottoms and long sleeve shirt. Line too long, had to park on side of street and walk kids across. Twins scarred for life when mom gets out of truck in her pjs. MOM you have on your sleepers!
WELL. No sleep, running late, it is now pretty much Summer here, sleeping in boxer type shorts, lightweight flannel type, and tank top. Nice tank, sturdy material, built in bra thingy, not my old man white undershirt ones. This will be fine, we gotta go! Make it to the awning, kids get out, Bye sweeties, I love you...Have a great day..... AAAA Where's my SpongeBob? What? I can't find SpongeBOB! Just leave him we'll find him after school. (said in voice trying to be sweet but frustrated because I know there are cars piling up behind me.) NO! tears and drama begin. Ok.Ok..... Shut the door and I'll pull forward. (It really didn't go this well. More crying, he didn't understand started to get out. truck in front of me doesn't leave just pulled forward a little because he too was waiting on something. I have to try and back up a little to get around get the picture.) We get by the curb, out of the way, and yep. I have to get out of the truck. James can't find the small lego spongebob that is the current center of his universe. So once again the parents of our Elementary have been exposed to my pajama attire. Nothing will make you put down that left over poptart faster than a visual image of yourself climbing into your expedition, at school, in your pajamas and exposing your hind quarter to passers by. Just so you can find a toy for a slightly neurotic 6 year old. The SpongeBob....well he was lying right there in the floor, plain sight, smiling up at me. Gotta love the little guy. And James too.
Happy Thursday!
Hey if you get a chance pop over to JJ's blog and wish her a happy birthday! She is 39 today. I'm getting her a birthday counter for her present today! HA! HA! ::Snort:: ::Snort::

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Kim H. said...

But tell me...after all that, did you take your Mom's advice and have on clean underwear?.....

Girl, I drive Maddy to school EVERY DAY in my PJ's. If at almost 40 I can't drive my kids to school in their PJ's, I haven't learned to be comfortable in my own skin! :)