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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hi Howdy Ho

What a great weekend. The best part about yesterday is I didn't get in the truck once! I love a day spent completely at home. aaaawwwww.......We had a cloudy coolish day. I worked a bit outside, should have more. But, I am determined to get something done about this office, I mean study. When the house is complete we want to call our work area a study. Impressive isn't it? ::snort::
JJ is needing a small computer table for her 'study' area in her new home. She hasn't had much luck finding the perfect one. I had her come look at mine because based on the final hopes of this room there is no place for it. I kept telling her the thing is all a light blonde wood color. I sit here, if you ask Tom, 24/7 and couldn't remember the top is faux black granite look. She is hoping to have a black or dark brown table. Voila! So I worked on getting our little file table cleaned up and ready. EXPLAIN to me how we could have some 15 empty boxes of computer programs and games. Just piled up. Augh. They were given to us by someone. We used a few but, have never really gotten into them. So I worked on throwing out boxes and pricing the games, matching cds with manuals etc.... They are off to SIL's garage sale. I made hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill for lunch. Marinated steaks and prepared potatoes and veggies. Tom cooked it all on the grill while Audrey and I took dogs for a walk. AAaaaawwwwww....... I love content feelings of accomplishment. Looking forward to a great Sunday.
Better get that shower before we are scrambling around at the last minute before church, again.


Marilena said...

hullo! if you have a link to Saint Philomena's Garden, please update your link to it. I have switched over to Word Press. Here is the new address:

An Accomplished Woman said...

Sounds like you have had a good weekend.


Kim H. said...

I LOVE being home and getting things accomplished and crossed off my list. Way to get stuff ready for the Garage Sale -- and once you get going, it's such a GREAT feeling! Glad you got to be home!


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I love at home days....Sounds like a great weekend.