Christmas 2013

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Updates and Stuff

1. The pictures of the twins are Joseph and James.
2. I have been crocheting just no updating on it. I made some 20 dishclothes for friends and family at Easter. Then started a prayer shawl for Lynda. I finished it today. I think it turned out real well. I like the curly/ruffly/funky border on it.
3. Lynda has been moved to a rehab hospital and doing ok. She has a much nicer view out her window. The room is smaller but, cozier. She is feeding herself well and taking on the rehab sessions the best she can.
4. There was a benefit tonight for Chad. He needs a new liver and a new kidney due to an enzyme deficiency .
5. Pictures at the preschool went well.
6. I have actually started writing up my 3minute faith share thingy for BibleFest this summer.
7. This just in. I am still all knowing and all seeing mother! I can hear the boys romping around on the furniture in the living room. They can't see me and I can't see them but, I can hear them. I just let out my third "Sit your hinnies down or go to bed!" screech from my perch at the computer. Joseph in a much bewildered voice replies "Can you seee us?" You bet honey! I'm mother. I know all, I see all!
8. JJ has finished painting her new home and was hoping and popping around the preschool yesterday.
9. I have cleaned up most of the front yard beds. Still have some chopping to do.
10. Woke yesterday feeling yucky. Went to bed last night feeling miserable. Woke this morning down right aaauugghhh. Throat hurts, nose congested some, coughing, coughing, coughing, chest hurts, voice scratchy and horse. Decided to gulp some cough syrup, take some sudafed, and ignore it. Works for awhile.
11. Tomorrow church festival. Audrey, William, and I will work a couple of game booths. I really enjoy working in the Plates to go area. But, decided this morning to call the chairman and let him know I have been coughing and feeling bad. I hate backing out like that but, don't think I'd find it very appetizing to hear a woman hacking around my food. It'd be one thing if I knew volunteers were lining up out the door to help. Unfortunately we go to a very large parish but, the volunteer turn out is disgraceful.
12. Very proud of Audrey and her friend Kaylee. They have a report on Germany due next Friday. They have worked very hard at school. Kaylee came home with us for a few hours yesterday. I was so impressed with how quick they got to work and the progress they made. I told Kaylee's mom it probably wasn't anything we did or said. Their teacher said she expects something spectacular from these girls.

The monkeys are now completely out of control. Time to send them off to bed. Oh, Snot! I washed Audrey's sheets today. Augh.....gotta make up her bed. Oh, double snot! I washed my sheets too! That reminds me. A good feeling about kids growing up. They get stronger and more helpful. Audrey and William helped me flip my mattress on our king size bed. We have low ceilings, a ceiling fan with a light fixture on it over the bed, and the bed takes up 3/4 of the room. Not an easy task. But, we did it! Yeah Us!