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Monday, June 29, 2009

Audrey will be 10

Tomorrow Audrey will celebrate her 10th Birthday. Bless her heart we have a typical mother daughter love/frustration/misunderstanding/loving/aggravating/sharing relationship. She is my oldest. She is my strongest minded, very prideful, very loving, enduring child. In August she will begin her last year of Elementary school. Here we have K-5th at Elementary, 6-8 at Middle School, 9th has it's own campus, and 10-12 High school. Middle School has me scared to death. I ask for your prayers for the teachers and especially the Administration at local Middle Schools, especially the one my children are to attend. The school had a rough year last year with their new Principal (she left our elementary to head that school. augh). I am so hoping things shape up this next year. Thanks.

Beauty and the Beast has been put to sleep. William had a really good time and was fun to watch on stage. I didn't grab him fast enough Friday to get a picture of him in full costume, black pants/shirt and cute little big thingy. But, he did put on a cup for me. Cute huh? So imagine the full costume, little girls have pink ruffle pants and caps too. 3 boys and 3 girls skipping around Belle during the Be Our Guest song. Very cute.

The next production is Alice in Wonderland next month. Another quicky show. James' little friend Ciara, I believe, is planning to join that cast. William is ready to enjoy Summer. He does want to audition for Scrooged. So we may be back at this come Fall. But, not as intense of rehearsals. We'll have a bit more time. Auditions are in August with the performance in December 11-13.

Ok, time to get in Birthday mode. Audrey hasn't taken to being in the backseat of attention. So today is laundry, Wal-Mart, house cleaning, baking, augh. Oh and throw in 4 kids at a Dog training make up class at 2pm. Joy!

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Aussie Therese said...

happy birthday Audrey.

Remind your mother that double digits means double presents.