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Friday, June 26, 2009


I am most glad Friday is here. I cleaned house Monday and Tuesday for my Uppercase Living party on Tuesday evening. I had 2 guest. augh. Two other friends showed up near the end. Oh well, the house was clean for this weekend. My sister-in-law, her husband and daughter will be here today for William's play. The first performance is tonight. He has a full rehearsal this morning and Angela said it will be ok if I bring my camera when I pick him up. So I will soon have teacup pictures for you. I hear they are truly adorable. Yeah! There has been some stress among the cast. Lots of young boys who are....well...boys. William had some issues on Tuesday but we got that out of him. A decent night sleep helped. They have had some typical girly issues with the 12-14 year olds. Then someone got into the fuse box and flipped some switches. Caused some big problems and a huge fear of kids getting hurt. You'd never know by watching the staff. They are amazing. I have got to find their secret and get me some of that.
Ok, Uppercase Living. Do you know about this stuff? It is really cool. I put my dogs names on my laundry room wall. It's all decorated in Labs ya' know. I have Kerr Herd on the side of my refrigerator. Audrey as some ballet slippers and a saying on her wall. I am getting pirate ships and sayings for the boys room this go around. If you are interested go here to check it out. If you are local and want to order from my party let me know. We'll close on Tuesday.
Oh shoot. It is almost time to take William and this morning I'd better brush my teeth.


4 is crazy said...

I am loving the fact that your last 2 posts are about it finally being Friday LOL

Kim H. said...

Ugh. Bummer about having only 2 people show for your party. But way to see the glass half-full -- clean house for the weekend! Woo-hoo!

I actually have heard of that Uppercase Living. There was a girl that sold it that I used to scrapbook with. I think it's a cute idea -- and eventually, when we're somewhere permanent, there are a few things I'd like to possibly order.

Sunday HUGS! Off to Mass -- we're going to late Mass this morning.