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Thursday, July 2, 2009


I want all to know that the Scooby Doo countdown is not mine. It is a request of Joseph's. He has asked me everyday "When will it be no more no school?" Bless his smart little heart he is ready to get back to school. Now, if I was titling the countdown it would read "How many days til chaos begins again!" Two in First grade, one in Second grade and Audrey with her last year of Elementary school. And me starting my 3 day a week Aide job at the PreSchool. No Thank You. I know the First day of school countdown has started in May in the past but not this year, I'm enjoying being either asleep or in my sleepers lounging when Tom leaves at 7:45a for work.
Now that the birthdays are done and Beauty and the Beast is done I have a blinding white lite coming from my July calendar and I'm loving it! My living room is still a 1/2 done remodel job but, perhaps, maybe, if the Saints are smiling on us, we'll get things figured out soon.
Audrey had an awesome party. Several friends who she thought weren't coming called and yes they were. She had 6 friends show up and 5 spend the night. Tom put up the tent when he got home. They did sleep out. I helped put the cover on because I thought it might rain. Then it didn't seem that way and the tent was kind of muggy feeling so we folded it back. Well, low and behold come 4:30 in the morning 6 little girls brought me up off the sofa when they came charging into the house because they were wet. Now they didn't go to sleep til about 1am. Neither did I. I got the tent cover back down and bags laid out to dry. Girls settled into the boys room where there was more room for them all. They slept til 8:30a when I had to get one of the girls up for Tennis. But, it was ok, they needed some time to 'play/visit' before they were all picked up. Audrey and I then went to Academy and the Mall. We had to get a tent patch kit. Hershey was hungry and tore a hole in the netting to get to pretzels. Luckily it was a Hershey size hole and not a Biscuit size hole! :)
Boys came back, Mom and I crocheted, Tom came home and at 6pm we went to Target. The boys had birthday gift cards burning holes in their pockets. They were waiting for Audrey to get some cards. She did and away we went.
Hopefully the boys will play outside in the tent alot today. I'll get some things cleaned up and washed and lazy day, lazy day.

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Am I missing something here?

I am at the computer this morning and can hear the kids "Blow William! It' your turn." "BWEEEE" I go in and find this.

They are playing their Ds'. And I guess they can connect them somehow and play each other. This particular game has you 'blow' on the screen/mic, I don't know. Too Funny! I love that William is fairly patient with his brothers and lets them pile around him and watch.

This was last week one morning before William left for the Theatre.

Not long after I took this picture James (on top) sneezed. William and Joseph both squealed. "AWWWW Mom! James just Bless You'd all over me!" HA!

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i really like the look of your blog! its vibrant and very nice on the eyes:D it looks lovely!