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Saturday, October 10, 2009

3 Day Weekend

So excited we have a 3 day weekend for Columbus Day. Audrey is attending a sleepover birthday party this evening so I got a sitter for the boys. Was planning to go to a movie and dancing. Tom just announced Tech plays at 6pm. Should have known. It's homecoming week. We'll probably play it by ear.
Plan to work with William and his reading too. James too. James also needs to work on his attitude/behavior/and anger management. Not doing too well at school lately.
That housework that piles up and gets away from me during the week. The WALL. Crochet projects. I finally finished Therese's and will get it in the mail this week. I want to post a picture but, I'll wait til I'm sure she has it.
The weather has cooled off, it's cloudy, a bit rainyish (is that a word? :))
I'm feeling good today. Going to get some things accomplished! Grrrr Go Amy!

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