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Saturday, January 16, 2010

One More Week

Wow. A full 5 day school week. The boys all did well on getting their books read for their reading goal. Basketball practices went well. Audrey attended her Girl Scout meeting and has decided to get back in the swing of GS. I think Cookie sales looming on the horizon have her motivated. Today was a busy busy day. I had waited til last night to get the boys basketball shorts out. And to my surprise they didn't all fit. duh. So 930am today I am rushing to Academy hoping they still have some. The did and all was good. 12n William to the YMCA for team pictures. 1pm William's game. 1:20 leave with Audrey to help pick up Troop cookies. Take them to leader's house and unload. Ditch Audrey with the leader. PU hamburger for Tom(2:30p). Get home. Tom eats. Boys change into uniforms. PU brother-in-laws truck. PU new entertainment center and ottoman that has come in. Take home. Unload. Return truck to BIL. Be at YMCA by 4:15 for J&J's team pictures. 5:00pm Game. When not watching my boys play I am drooling over the lady at the end of the bleachers with her twin 3 month old twin boys. Awww.....Remember when.....They were containable and not running all over the bball court acting like dorks. They really did well for their first game. James was obsessed with looking at the scoreboard. The best part, they don't keep score at this age. He spent all of William's game with his jacket over his head because he didn't want to hear the buzzer. Gotta love 'im. 6:30pm Chili's having a beer.
So glad we have a 3 day weekend this week. MLK day is Monday the the school is closed. Tom is off work as well.

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