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Monday, January 4, 2010

NEW YEAR!!! HI 2010!

First Monday of the 2010. It's 9am and I am sitting in my robe at the computer blogging. hmmm.... I have only been up for an hour too. The kids have one more day of Christmas break. Bless our teachers. They all had to get back to it today. But personally I think they kind of like having a day to regroup and organize. I also love that I am a 3 day a weeker at the preschool...which means....I still have tomorrow off too! Bwaaahaaahaahaaa!!!!!
Yesterday I did get the outside decorations down. There wasn't much this year. I have all my boxes out of the attic and am doing my dog gondest to organize and label my boxes better. I am also saying goodbye to those things I just don't like, use, or want anymore.
So today will be working on the inside. Laundry, reading. William has 1/2 a chapter to go to finish his first Chapter Book....Pirates at Noon, Magic TreeHouse book. Please pray that he does well on his test tomorrow and doesn't become discouraged. Audrey is working her way through her first really thick book. It is worth 12 points. She is starting a new series of books called Power of Three Warriors. They are cats with different powers. Me..I read Janette Oke, prairie romances.....Nancy Drew..... Joseph read Corduroy which is a 3.5 book the other day. I was so proud of him. He would start to stumble on a word and I'd lean over to help. He'd cover it up so I couldn't see!
Cynthia at
Accomplished Woman has inspired me to get busy, get organized, and get primped up around here. Christmas is coming down. I am going to go bare bones in the living room. Crack out the putty and the tape and the stucco and get busy. Tom and I are both ready to get this room FINISHED! We ordered our entertainment center this weekend and also have an ottoman on order for the big leather chair we purchased this summer. I'm hoping the leathers will match well enough.
Exercise! This is another biggy for me for 2010. As you can see from the top ticker I am quickly running out of time to get it all in shape for the big birthday. I bought a pair of the Sketchers Shape Up shoes. They are a bit funky looking and I'm not sure how great they really work but I'm going to give it a try. I walk alot at work and was wanting new tennies anyway so there you go.

It is really funky walking. Audrey and I took the dogs for a walk yesterday and I wore them. I could feel some extra tension in my thighs. So cross your fingers they help!

Ok. Time to get up. Get busy!


Therese said...

Good for you, Amy! Good luck with the projects. I'll be curious to hear if the shoes work!

Sarah - Kala said...

Yeah, let me know if it works the thighs . . . if so, I'll buy a pair!

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

I have a pair of sandals like that but I have yet to wear them. I'm curious how they work for you. I'll check back to see what you think.

Mythreesons said...

Caleb loved the Warrior books! There were a lot of them and he liked them enough to hunt them down. I am glad that William found a book he liked. Aaron has been reading some weird books with strage titles like "Mummies don't eat Pizza". He seems to like them. They are not letting him really read what he wants to at Miles like they did at Austin. He has to stay in 2nd grade to 3rd grade books. I'm not too sure about it and hope it doesn't hurt him in the long run.
I tried Carolyn's shoes on the other day (like the ones you have) and I could BARELY stand up. I kept rocking back and almost falling down. It was so funny. We made everyone try them. Clint was hysterical to watch! Let me know about painting! I'll come help anytime!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Love the photo in your header and your new year look.

Those are funky looking shoes. I've not seen any like that before. I think you have more snow than us. I'm o.k. with that. LOL

Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman said...

You are way too kind... it is hard to be a momma of young children... I have the luxury of having adult children... Hang in there and take it in little bites.