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Friday, January 8, 2010

Report on the first week back!

Reading- William, after some coaxing, took his first AR test on a Chapter Book. He made an 80 on the Magic Tree House Pirates at Noon book! He then took two more AR test this week on 1/2 point books. Smaller picture books that can be read in one sitting. He's ready to start the Dinosaur Tree House book. I'm so proud of him! He also had some pretty tough words on his spelling test this week. He made a 103. The 3 extra points came from bonus words. (How do you make a beaming Mommy Face in text world?) :))))))))) James and Joseph both took AR test this week and made 100's. James took 2 and I think that after today Joseph has 2 under his belt as well. The reason I am getting so excited and worked up about this is because before the Holiday it had become so hard to get these AR goals taken care of.
We have fallen into a fairly good study/homework habit. I hope it continues. I think the fact they can't even look at their DSs until it is all done helps.
Audrey has had a good week back at Ballet and school. She's excited to be back with her friends. She had a pretty easy homework week. She have begun heavy studying of Science technology. Science is the big emphasis of their TAKS test this Spring. She is also reading a much larger book for her AR goal this 6 weeks. She's working thorough it pretty well.
I had a good week back at preschool. Happy to see my big and my little friends. My left heel is giving me trouble. Feels very bruised, hurts when I walk, and feels like there is a knot in it. My new sketchers help alot with cushioning it. It seems to hurt more when I'm just sitting. Kind of a burning feeling. I went to the clinic yesterday. It could be a spur. but for now we are going to call it planters facetious(sp). I have some exercises to do with it, soak it.....etc... and hope it goes away. If not we'll do an x-ray and then possibly a cortisone injection. AUGH! I'm going to have to be in a whole lot more pain for me to consider that.
Basketball is underway. Our games for this week were canceled. The whole season has now been extended a week. So tomorrows games that were cancelled will now be March 6 at 9am and 10am. Do you see a problem here? March 6 is 56 days away......March 5 is 55 days away. MARCH 5th is my BIRTHDAY! The night of my Party! Am I really to be at a 9am basketball game the next day? Well, it is a 40th birthday.....Old people don't normally stay up too late anyway, right? But, I have this amazing suite at the B&B. :( Tom said to just book the room for another night so we can go back and enjoy. I don't know.....I might. I'll think about it after I stop pouting.
Quick prayer request: My friend Nikki and her family. Nikki is having her 4th baby later this month. She is scheduled for a c-section. Her husband and oldest daughter are currently in Japan picking up another new member of the family. The little boy is a little over a year old. Nikki and her family have adopted him. Did I mention she also has a little girl who isn't quite 2 who only became a family member a year ago, from China? So Nikki is at home with 3 girls, pregnant with a little boy to be delivered in about 2 1/2 weeks. Her husband and oldest Daughter (about age 11 I think?) are in China picking up another little boy. Please help me lift them up.
Also, a fellow teacher at the preschool is dealing with yet another illness in her family. Her husband is believed to have epilepsy. He was put on some medication and has to be watched carefully this week. Then he can't drive for SIX MONTHS. She had kidney stones this fall. Then he passed out at work in his office and they didn't know why. He had a couple more seizures over the Holidays and they have made this diagnosis. They have a 15 year old daughter and a 9 year old son.
Ok. Time to get off and go soak.
Enjoy your weekend!

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