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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Snoot and Snot!

Oh My! Oh My! 7 years ago today I had an OB appointment and this was the one where Dr. H said've started dilating and we're going in. I was at 36 weeks but not real worried. She had me on bed rest since the beginning of January. I was in and out of the hospital most of February. I had received a couple of hormone shots in January to help with lung development. So on the 25th of February 2003 I was sent over to the hospital. Prepped and delivered twin boys via c-section that evening about 9pm. We had been watching twin A for kidney difficulties. He came out perfect and we watched the kidney for almost a year. Feb 11, 2004 he did have surgery in San Antonio to relocate a valve. Good as new. Twin B (James) had severally crooked feet but thanks to great rehab and a wonderful Pedi ortho doc in San Antonio we got him all fixed up. Fixed up so well that yesterday James thought he could stand on a ball in PE. No he could not. He fell straight back on the concrete floor. Coach didn't see incident but when James came up and was crying he realized something was definitely not right. The school nurse is only at our school on Wednesdays. She checked his pupils. They appeared fine. Then he wanted to go to sleep. She called me. I was calling doctors to see what we should do. Then James started throwing up. Decision made. Go to ER. CT scan came back clear. Doc called it a Mild Concussion and to take it easy and avoid activity for a few days. We had to wake James every 2 hours last night. He never got really mad but grunted his answers. Today had a great day at school. Been having trouble with writing but today happily wrote 4 sentences and had nice handwriting. Perhaps that brain rattle helped. (ooohhhh bad joke. I know.) Yesterday he wanted to jump on trampoline. NO! Why not? I think your brain has been rattled enough for one day. He leans out back door Joseph! I can't jump with you. I have rattles in my brain. HA! Too funny.
They have noticed the birthday postings on the local news and commented Monday that on Thursday their names would be on there. Good thing I got on my toes. Their names appeared and now they are stars!
Yes those are my living room walls. No I haven't gotten any farther. No not sure that I ever will. Think I might wait til Mrs. Cynthia is back on her feet then bring her and some of my good bloggies in to finish it for me. Gee don't you wish airfare was like 20 bucks and you could just fly to a far off friend or bring them to you when you needed too. Or maybe Beam them over. Now that would be 'awesome'.
Ok I be thinking that I have too good of a day. My mom was here at 9:30a to take me shopping for my birthday, next Friday. We then ate lunch with my Daddy who is celebrating his birthday today too. Cool huh? Then we shopped some more. I got a cute sweater to wear to my birthday party. And several other items. My Mommy loves me. And I love her TOO!
But now it's time to get Audrey to clean up the owl barf off the bar. eewwwww.....She brought home owl pelts that they poked through in Science today at school. Thank goodness Science teacher Grandma was here to oh and ah with her. because all I want to do is barf!
Love and Hugs! Amy

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Happy birthday to the boys - and to you on your big one too.