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Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am making progress. Not as fast as I'd like. I still have the area around the tv and the wall with the bookcase left to texture. I got primer on the bookcase and it's amazing how big the wall looks now. I have alot of sanding to do and need to get the tv down and furniture covered to do that.
The light 'beige' color flopped. Tom didn't even really like it. So I went back and got a darker color. We don't really like it either. Tom said 'I thought you wanted something with a little green in it, like we saw in some books and open houses?' YEE! HAW! I have locked on to that and am running. I have the oakmoss in the office/study that we can use as a guide. I am very excited.
Audrey attended an orientation at her new school, Middle School, AAWWWW!!! I made Tom go along for registration. Hee...Hee... that was fun. The boys meet their teachers yesterday. We are very excited. Two teachers I have never had but, I know them well. James' teacher was Audrey's 3rd grade teacher and William's teacher last year for 2nd. We have a good relationship and I am excited to be working with her again.
I am a member of the Parent Teacher Organization Board. I am the Room Parent Chairman. I had sign up sheets in the teachers rooms yesterday and already saw several names on the list. BWAAA HAAAA HAAAA! I am reeling them in early. If you have participated as a room parent for you child's class or served as a chairman incharge of getting them all assigned and informed I welcome any hints/tips/suggestions.
Monday kids go back to school and I start in-service at preschool. I am looking forward to getting back in the groove.
Happy Back to School! Love ya'!

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