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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We have adjusted to being back in school. My working 5 days a week at the preschool is a tough adjustment for me. We decided to start James on an ADHD medicine. Many doctor appts and much prayer went behind this decision.  He is doing so much better.  There has been some adjusting to the dosage but things are going fairly smoothly.
Two weeks ago I attended the Women of Faith Conference in San Antonio.  It was a fun inspirational weekend.  This week, Thursday, I leave at 6am to catch a bus of school administrators and parents bound for Corpus Christi to attend the Parent Involvement Conference.  I have never been.  It sounds like fun and a really good conference. 
Well there is much preparation still needed to be done and only a day left to get it all done.
Enjoy our slideshow of fun.
OH and check out the boys new smiles. They were too funny yesterday having their teeth pulled.  James handled it very well. "It was cool. No big deal." Joseph didn't do as well. It sounded like they might not have numbed him.  Then I find out the squawking was because he didn't want to have his teeth out. Didn't have anything to do with pain.  He just didn't want his teeth pulled.  But it was needed. His big teeth were coming in behind babies that weren't budging. They had to pull 4 so there would be some room. I guess because James was done before Joseph (They both went back at same time.  We have a father son team of DDS we see.) Joseph was commenting "I don't want to be a twin any more!" He must have decided that because James had to have teeth pulled so did he.  Is it sad to laugh at your son who is in obvious distress? I hugged and kissed, but I laughed too. He was just so funny.  He's over it now and milking it for all it's worth. "I can't eat vegetables. I don't have any teeth."  But tortilla chips don't seem to bother him. :)

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