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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Lady of the Rockies

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This evening a friend in my Adult Faith Class shared a video of the building of Our Lady of the Rockies in Butte Montana. The neatest part is that Ron's Dad was one of the crew members who helped build Our Lady.  Ron was also there when the statue was constructed.  When you have an opportunity I recommend you go to and read more about her.

I pray you all are doing well.  My family is Great. We are remaining healthy, thank goodness.  School is going well for all of us. 

This past weekend, Columbus weekend, Mom and I took the kids to San Antonio on Saturday.  We had tickets to Mary Poppins at the Majestic Theatre. The performance was AMAZING! Watching the kids was almost as entertaining as watching the show. We met friends who were also there for the show, for dinner, stopped in to Charming Charlies and headed home.  It turns out that Tom finally located a vehicle that fit all the desires we wanted for a price we could accept, in Austin. So he and his brother took off for Austin to pick up our new 2012 Ford Flex, color-ginger ale. We love it. Me especially because I get to be the one to drive it.  Tom's car was totalled out after an accident in early September.  A lady ran a stop sign and Tom t-boned her.  No one was hurt.  We decided to get a vehicle that would fit all 6 of us but would be a bit smaller than my Expedition.  I miss my Big Red Truck but it's nice that it is still in the family.  I will work on getting a picture soon.

Hugs to all.
xoxo Amy and the Herd

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