Christmas 2013

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Thursday before Easter Abby and I met the boys at school.  They were so excited when they realized the little lost dogs tag had their address and phone# on it.
Later Audrey was also very excited to findout We Got a Dog for Easter!
She is beagle/dachsund/heeler/collie...... She is the pup born to the little beagle/dachsund looking dog that wondered up to my friends house a couple of years ago.  The heeler/collie mix down the road got in with buttercup and voila puppies.
Abby has a crate in the house she sleeps in and learned quite quickly that whining and barking wouldn't get her out til morning.
Grandpa(my daddy)brought in some fence panels and made her a kennel in the backyard.
She is precious and we love having her in the family.

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